The Peakbaggers is an interactive adventure web-series from A Space Films that follows the journey of two individuals to the highest peaks in Canada. From Nova Scotia to the Yukon to one of the most northern points in Nunavut and Canada, The Peakbaggers hope to be the first all-Canadian team to summit the highest peak in each province and territory across the country. Their journey will lead them to some of the most remote places in this country and force them to challenge their strength and spirit.

The team hails from Toronto but, with backstories of their own, Brian Cauley and Andrea Wrobel each bring a uniqueness to the series that won’t be found in many mountaineering tales. Learn more about them below.
An expected three-year journey ending in summiting the sixth highest most prominent peak in the world – Mount Logan – friends and followers will witness The Peakbaggers go from novice climbers to expert mountaineers (We hope!). The journey will  be tough, but through some vigorous training, education, tomfoolery, and planning, they will bag each peak.

Tune in as we release Episode 1: Ishpatina Ridge on March 25th over on You Tube, and each subsequent episode the following Friday! We have 6 EPISODES for you! You’ll also find a series of behind the scenes on our You Tube channel – subscribe there to get updates as soon as they arrive!

Meet the Team

Brian-Cauley-Circle-400Brian Cauley

Brian is a radio host, artist, and media specialist from Whitby, Ontario. As tour manager for the CBC Beetle Roadtrip Sessions and as a team member for Auto Share’s #DiscoverON campaign, he has travelled most of the country. After being diagnosed with a brain tumour at age 7 and undergoing a successful surgery, Brian was told that doing well at sports and anything requiring a high-degree of coordination would most-likely be impossible. When not in the studio or training, Brian can be found drinking coffee, writing poetry, or blogging about his relationship with Andrea Wrobel.

Andrea-Wrobel-Circle-400Andrea Wrobel

Andrea Wrobel is a writer, filmmaker, and outdoor enthusiast. Andrea started her own production house, A Space Films, as a platform to tell urban and uninhibited narratives. Often her own subject, Andrea has found herself to be one half of The Peakbaggers serendipitously, after noting a gender gap in the mountaineering industry and, more generally, in sport. The series’ producer and videographer, she craves conversation about identity, displacement, and place in such a technologically suffocating world, and it’s no surprise that many of her projects deal with the space in between connection and complete solitude. Andrea hopes that her participation in The Peakbaggers can be an example for womyn and girls everywhere, that they are just as strong, just as driven, and just as capable of everyone else out there.

Fellow Peakbaggers

These are people who have contributed to our journey in one amazing way or another. As our project grows, watch this list grow, too! Want to be a part of this list, please get in touch!

Matthew-Mahire-Circle-400Matthew Manhire

Matthew is an adventure-seeker at heart. As a young trouble-maker Matthew would explore the caves and trees around the Niagara Escarpment and Georgetown. Eventually, searching more discipline and structure, Matthew joined the Air Cadets. It was at Camp Borden and various military bases in Nova Scotia and the mountains of Quebec that Matthew discovered his passion for being challenged and defined through rigorous outdoor activity. When not taking photos or studying diasporas, Matthew can be found in cafes or racing around the world on a sailboat. Matthew is the one who first suggested climbing the highest points in every Canadian Provence and Territory despite leaving the project after climbing Ishpatina. Find out why in Episode 1, coming to you March 2016.

The-Peakbaggers-Meldon01-circleMeldon Lobo

Meldon is one of the newest additions to The Peakbaggers’ Guest Bloggers and #DiscoverYourWild team. He discovered his first trail at 26 and has fallen in love with mountain biking ever since. You can explore some of the trails he’s biked on his blog and keep in touch with Meldon on Twitter!

Some of Our OTHER Adventures

We love exploring the outdoors and sharing our adventures. Click any point to see photos we’ve shared using the mobile app Yonder.

Friends of The Peakbaggers

We humbly thank the following organizations for helping us achieve our goals. We love partnering with groups and people who share our values of getting outside, exploring the world, and always treating yourself, others and the environment with respect.

If you want to join this awesome list, please get in touch.

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