Reminding Myself the Big Picture is Worth the Small Struggles

Photo by Rob Nelson

Travelling is so daunting in so many ways for people, myself included. My stresses leading up to any adventure project include (but are not limited to): money, food, resources, safety, enjoyment, compatibility of the team… Unfortunately, every one of those is rooted in money and resources. It’s unavoidable. The entirety of what we’re doing takes an immense amount of planning, each peak is a step towards the BIG picture and we all know that there’s only one way to eat a massive steak (or tofurkey in Brian and Andrea’s case), and that’s one bite at a time.

Being consumed with our laundry list of gear and bank roll for gas, food, and more can sometimes feel like a huge distraction – a struggle – from our mission. Thankfully, being a Peakbagger means we belong to a community where our mission is bigger than these troubles. What we love most about the North star is that, looking at the beautiful star trail photo (above) by my friend Rob Nelson, you can clearly see how bright the North star is and how every other star in the sky revolves around it. It’s as if the sky is a cyclone sending energy towards the astro-beacon!

We are employing the North star’s ingenuity and resourcefulness; we are so humbled and inspired by the daily support from people who write to us, like our posts, and come up to us just to say, “Hi!” With that humility I am putting out a call for your help: whether it’s advice, stories, a big gear sale we should know about, guidance, support… maybe you know someone who has experience to share with us! I welcome you to write us at

Our appreciation for the Canadian outdoors, the community and having the privilege to do these adventures and tell the story is WHO we are. Every person that has taken the smallest bit of time to share their insight has undoubtedly helped us grow. Sometimes I try an imagine the person I’ll be at the end of this, the people I’ll have had the privilege to meet… It’s almost brought me to tears just having the opportunity to contemplate on such a huge scale.

All photos for this post by Rob Nelson. For more of Rob’s amazing work check out on his website, here.

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