Climbing With My Producer and New Friend at Joe Rockheads

Finding a climbing partner is probably just as daunting and organic as finding a life partner. There’s an element of love, trust and compatibility at-first-sight. When I approached Brian about climbing the tallest Canadian mountains, I was nervous, feared rejection but also knew it was a step in the right direction to my dreams. Through that experience I was introduced to his partner in love, business and soap, Andrea.

Today was a blessing in the sense that Brian was busy with one of his many great projects so Andrea and I harnessed up and spent some super quality time together playing at Joe Rockheads, our newest favourite hang out in Toronto. We took turns climbing and belaying each other while we talked about goals, adventure, life and everything in between. The bonus being that, with my girlfriend Krista studying and travelling overseas in India for 2 months, it was awesome to spend an afternoon with a cool woman to break up the abundance of “bro time” I seem to be getting lately!

Andrea is totally green to climbing and it’s so nurturing to be around. In some ways I get to go back to basics and learn from her and on the other hand I have some experience that I can share with her. Spending time with her really raised my confidence in the project and in her as the show’s Producer; her desire to really get a sense of the communities involved, the physical challenges, and her quest for constant improvement are going to be a huge asset to the team. I had to take a minute to reflect on my bike ride home; this whole quest to see the most remote parts of my country is at the same time forging some really important relationships that will surely contribute to my growth as much as the mountains will.

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