Embracing That Feeling of Intimidation

It’s scary and kind of funny to be intimidated. Everyone can relate to that feeling of intimidation that seems to come from nowhere. I’m intimidated by lots of things and it comes in many different forms. Whether it’s fear, respect, mindfullness, being afraid and intimidated is a reality.

Recently I was getting annoyed with myself for not joining a local running group, Parkdale Road Runners. I was holding back because I thought they were super cool, athletic and I probably wouldn’t fit in. On Tuesday night that all changed. I took the first step and decided to go. When I walked through the door of Community 54  (a great shop in Parkdale) I was greeted by some of the friendliest smiles and greetings that immediately dissolved all the feelings of trepidation that I had built up over the last few months. What I learned is that the running crew is full of talented athletes, is nothing short of a positive contribution to the community, and my fears of being unwelcome were completely unfounded.

I thought about why I was intimidatd in the first place and where else in my life is this happening. I used to be intimidated by even talking about crazy ideas like summiting the highest peaks in each Canadian province. Feelings of failure, rejection, being made fun of for not being a professional are all part of an ongoing list of reasons to just keep ideas like this project or joining a run crew locked up in my head.

On our way to reach Ontario’s highest summit, Ispatina Ridge we met Gerry, a local trapper who ended up becoming a HUGE help to us. When we interviewed him after the trip we asked him why he helped us. Gerry told us that he saw the adventurous spirit in us. He said he knew from the radio interview on CBC that we all worked hard to plan this, that we know there’s a lot to learn and still we were following through on an dream. He said that we inspired him! My heart exploded when Gerry shared this with us. All we had to do is just face fears head on with the respect they deserved and be vulnerable to our environment and the universe provided us with what we needed. I really believe that – that by putting yourself out there you get what you need. I’m proof of that. We, the Peakbaggers are proof of that!

So whether it’s joining an amazing running community, climbing a mountain, or just trying anything at all that makes you feel small, uncomfortable or shy, DO IT!!

I’ve found in my experiences that these initial feelings are simply there because what you face may actually mean a lot to you… And ya, thats scary. Cool!

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