Mentors Are Everywhere and They’re Extraordinary

We’ve been rallying the troops. Our first ascent is less than than 2 weeks away and right now there is nothing more valuable than the support and guidance of friends and mentors. We have had an outpouring of advice from our friends on social media and our community.

Recently we sat down with an amazing human being who decided to take a week off from being a Crossfit trainer and masseuse to trek for 7 days through the Winnipeg wilderness. Erin Mccutcheon, like us became sick of being curious ” I just wanted to see it” she stated matter of factly when I asked her wy she decided to venture into a vacation of discomfort and challenge. As she peeled back the layers of her trip, her feelings surrounding adventure, Canada and what she wants from life now that she has experienced something so defining; I couldn’t help but feel privileged to to have guidance and mentorship sitting right across the table from me. Omens are everywhere, its up to you to listen. This mindful way of approaching everyday life seems to be such a powerful value for mountaineering and appears to be how some of my heroes have earned so much success in their pursuits.

As our expeditions become increasingly challenging and require more mental and physical skill, it excites me to think of the caliber of humans that will enter our realm and offer their teachings to us. There is so much we don’t know, it’s like we have all these empty vessels I front of us, some have a tiny bit of knowledge, some have a good amount of experience, but there’s a lot of vessels with NOTHING and what a treat that is! One of my sailing heros Mike Sanderson gave me an amazing piece of advice in Newport before we raced to Bermuda that applies to alpinism as well “yacht racing is funny in the sense that talent is meaningless, you have to experience it to have any value to a team”. Each peak no matter how small will inevitably reward us with experience and character that will prepare us for whatever lesson the next ascent will offer us. We’re listening.

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