Hi fellow Peakbaggers (hey – we all have mountains we need to climb, right?),

Below you will find all information relating to New Brunswick’s Highest Point – Mt. Carleton.

We will be first attempting this summit October 4, 2015.

We will be updating this page with our progress including photos, GPS maps and files, reflections, and soon enough our webisode. How’s the trip going? Subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel to find out.

Talk to you soon,

The Peakbaggers


Mount Carleton, in Mount Carleton Provincial Park, is at 817m the highest elevation in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, and is also the highest peak in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. It is one of the highlights of the Canadian portion of the International Appalachian Trail. It is also part of the eighth and final section of the Nepisguit Mi’Gmaq Trail. The mountain was named after Thomas Carleton, New Brunswick’s first lieutenant governor, and forms part of the Notre Dame Mountains chain.

Before aerial surveillance was extensively used, a hut was maintained on the summit for fire-spotting in the remote north-central part of the province. A very similar hut was maintained on Big Bald MountainTriangulation among these huts and other fire towers allowed the locations of wildfires to be determined quickly and easily.

Mount Carleton is a monadnock, an erosional remnant of resistant igneous rocks that remained after an ancient Mesozoic peneplain surface was uplifted in the Cenozoic to form a plateau, and subsequently dissected via millions of years of erosion by wind, water and glacial ice.[5][6][7][8] It consists of 400 million-year-old rhyolitic and basaltic volcanics. (source, Wikipedia)


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Maps and Coordinates

Coordinates (WGS84):

  • Lat/Lon: 51° 28′ 12” N; 100° 43′ 12” W
  • Dec/Deg: 51.469918, -100.719983
  • UTM: 14T 380537E 5703487N