The Security Of My Inner Child

Growing up in Georgetown, Ontario with two very hardworking parents I spent the majority of my primary years with my globe trotting grandparents. They owned the most gorgeous property with a stunning house that they built themselves and that meant I had the absolute privilege of having 50 acres of protected Niagara Escarpment as my personal playground. A facility for exploration and imagination that was so stimulating I didn’t even have to make up friends, that world was abundant company. I have the most vivid memories of knowing that property like the back of my hand, running at top speed knowing where fallen trees, dips and sharp turns were on the trails. Abandoned limestone quarries that bordered into dense forest that had hidden caves that directed you to vast tall grassed orchards. If I could savour one sensation in every moment of my present life – as I go to work, train at the gym or walk my dog Tobi at High Park – it would be that navigator-child that I was.

So so much of this project demands that I am constantly re-evaluating my balance of fun and planning and ensuring I’m sharing enough of this amazing journey. Its a reality for anyone who makes work out of their passions and hobbies. On one hand, I can shamelessly say that this adventure may be one of my most selfish endeavours. On the other hand, I really believe that this project can be a positive contribution that enriches the world. The feedback and excitement from park staff and people who approach me and the team are all graciously tallied as little success. Each time someone reacts positively as we share our journey means, to me, that we are doing something right.

I actively strive to be somebody that I would be stoked to meet along the path. That wandering, trouble-making child of my past is my inspiration. Being outdoors, swatting bugs, splashing in lakes, getting lost are all such important elements of my being and to this day some of the most consistent activities. Planning these adventures with my friends ignites my curiosity and always holds so many unknowns, but amazingly is one of the few things that I can actually find security in, as if the fabric of the night sky is some sort of secruity-blanket that I haven’t been able to stop toting around.

I’m really excited for what’s approaching and genuinely can’t wait to share it with you and the rest of the world!

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