Why We’re Taking a Break (Don’t worry, we’ll be back!)

On January 28, 2015 we published our first blog post. Since then we have written about our journey on our blog almost every single week, while posting videos to YouTube, photos to Instagram, updates to Twitter, and more. And we are so happy so many of you have been following along.

Going on a journey like this and accomplishing goals requires consistent and perpetual effort. It also demands that you don’t over-exert yourself and burnout. We are firm believers in managing your energy so you can show up regularly and do your best work. Over the past month, after summiting our first 6 peaks and reaching a huge milestone, we realized that our energy was dwindling.

So, we here at The Peakbaggers had some serious discussions and have decided we will be taking a 3 month break from the blog. There’s a lot to do on this web series and we are a small team. And we want to do it all – but that’s impossible.

We realized that we need to take a break from writing and sending our newsletter to focus on some other, really exciting parts of this web series. Over the next 3 months we will continue to run our weekly meet ups in Toronto (#DiscoverYourWild), we will be making some updates to the web site, and we will be working on producing the first full-length episodes of the series!!

We will continue to update you and the rest of our followers on Social Media and respond to any and all emails. So, please stay in touch and we’ll talk to you more in March!


The Peakbaggers